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Product Description

Hello, this is Mr. Jacky Zhang from Yiwu Lasy science and technology C0., Ltd.

What is DPL ?

DPL precision skin rejuvenation system DPL precision skin rejuvenation technology uses a specially designed DPL crystal to convert the traditional photon spectrum into the yellow-green spectrum, and then uses an ultra-narrowband filter to filter out the stray spectrum, and output 100nm precision light with concentrated energy. It has excellent color base absorption rate, stronger selectivity than traditional photons, and more precise skin rejuvenation.

Functions of DPL :
(1) Vascular diseases: sensitive skin, red blood streaks, facial flushing, hormonal dermatitis, etc.
(2) Pigment diseases: sunburn, seborrheic keratosis, melasma, freckles, etc.
(3) Skin rejuvenation.


Three Configuration for choose : Black Gold DPL Super Photon 500

1: It is used for the treatment of superficial vascular problems such as telangiectasia, acne marks, sensitive skin, hormone-dependent dermatitis, rosacea, etc., with better immediate response and better curative effect

2: Used for light-skinned skin rejuvenation problems, can improve the aging problems such as dull skin tone, large pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, etc., and treat 0 pain

3: Fixed-point and sliding therapy dual mode. Black Gold DPL Super Photon 550

NIR 900-1800nm pluse super skin care .






Pulse Duration

Narrow 100nm(550-650nm)

wide (560-950nm)

Melanin absorption

more than 2-5 times of OPT/IPL


Vascular Absorption

3 times higher than OPT/IPL


Treatment Times

2-3 times


removal rate

more than 93%

more than 70%

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