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Product Description

3 in 1 Laser+E light(IPL+RF) Mutifunctional Beauty Equipment

It can slove all your skin problem with only one set machine.

1) Hair removal
2) Acne clearance
3) Skin rejuvenation
4) Pigmentation treatment
5) Vascular treatment.
6) Tattoo Removal
7) Pigment Removal
8) Birthmair Removal 

 Specific Description :
1.Wavelength of 430nm can remove abnormal tiny blood vessel (angiotelectasia).As you know ,angiotelectasia is abnormal tiny blood vessel .When the photon shine our skin ,it shut the abnormal tiny blood vessel .It’s ok .
2.Wavelength of 530nm can remove many kinds of spots .When the photon shine our skin ,it will suck→decomposit→eliminate.The spots will more and more light .
3. wavelength of 590nm could make our skin more glossy ,more white and hardly wrinkle through the photon .When the photon shine our skin , it stimulate collagen to grow and make elastic fibers to rearrange .IPL could cure the acne .The photon could kill the bacillus that result in acne.
4.Wavelength of 640nm is a depilatory tool.The photon is shining ,the same time ,it is destorying the hair follicle.When the hair follicle is destoried ,the destoried hair follicle will never grow hair from then.
5.Wavelength of 690nm can make breast biger and biger .It could massage breast . 
6. The 1064nm wavelength can eliminate the black, blue freckle, tattoo and birth mark,
7. The 532nm wavelength can eliminate the nevus of ota, tattoo, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line, birth maik, telangiectasia and so on. 

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