• Mini Elight(IPL+RF)Beauty Equipment
  • Mini Elight(IPL+RF)Beauty Equipment
  • Mini Elight(IPL+RF)Beauty Equipment

Mini Elight(IPL+RF)Beauty Equipment

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Product Description

Hello,this is Mr.Jacky Zhang from Zhejiang Lasy science and technology C0., Ltd.


All IPL machines can be compatible in the these aspects,
(1)Machine hand piece(treatment head) ,
(2)Sapphire filters
(3)LCD operating windows, it contains common LCD window and Colorful cartoon LCD window.

Our IPL machine filters or light Spectrum range can be rich to satisfy kinds of personalization requirements.
 (1) Each hand-piece with only one specialized filter or crystal   (1 Hand-Piece with 1 crystal for fixed treatment For   example 520nm-1200nm or 620nm-1200nm )
 (2) Each hand-piece with a set of several filter or crystal to be applied  to a wide choice of treatment.
That is ,1 Hand-Piece with several crystals , For example ,1 crystal for Hair Removal, 1 Crystal for Skin Rejuvenation, 1 Crystal for Acne clearance , 1 Crystal for Depigmentation  or pigmentation therapy etc.

Model: E-09
Spectrum range: 480-1200nm; 530-1200nm; 560-1200nm; 640-1200nm
Energy density: 10-50J/cm2
Pulse sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6pulse adjustable
Pulse intermission: 5-60ms
Pulse width: 2-15ms
Repeat frequency: 0.3-1Hz
Delivery: Sapphire Coupling
Light spot: 8*40mm2
Cooling system: Water cooling, forced-air cooling and semiconductor cooling
Cooling temperature: -4 - 10
Power supply: 220V / 50Hz or 110v / 60Hz

 OPTIONAL spot size: 8*40mm 15*50mm 15*35mm

Updated technology ,Optional IPL spot size ,colorful touch LCD with Multilanguage operating windows ,superior hand piece with protected connector avoiding water/electricity leakage .

Please contact Mr.Jacky to know detailedly  about IPL &Laser machines.

NOTICE ,All portable IPL can have all kinds of hand pieces with different spot size 8x 40 mm, 15x50 mm and 15x35 mm.So users can plug either the handpiece with large spot 15x50 mm or a handpiece with small spot size 8x 40 mm in the same hand piece connector of the IPL machine .

The hand piece connector can avoid water/electricity leakage and let machine SIMM or preignition without failure

1. Remote upgrade technology:

It can allow users to upgrade and replace IPL LCD operating interface by themselves under the help of the secret indication from manufacturer.

Payment Terms︰ Bank Transfer(TT) or Western Union

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