• Medical CO2 Laser Skin resurfacing System
  • Medical CO2 Laser Skin resurfacing System

Medical CO2 Laser Skin resurfacing System

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Product Description

Treatment principle:


 Traditional laser imission per impulse, skin effect area is the same as laser spot area. The new image bundle laser changed traditional laser imission mode, per impulse include hundreds of micro laser, per micro laser spot area just 75-100um.



Self-check, calibration and self-diagnosis: internal software system

Memory function: pre-used power setting auto memorized

Changeable intensity of aiming beam: 0-100% intensity control

Refined and portable design

Soft touch control panel and easy of use prompts

Alphanumeric messages

10 program memory protocols




Technical parameters:

Model :   YINHE-2000

Laser type: CO2 (SEALED OFF)  

Wavelength : 10.6u m, infrared 

Output power:   1-30w 

Laser mode : c.w. pulse, super pulse  c.w, pulse, ultra    pulse 

Peak power : 300w                800w

 Frequency : 1-50hz                1-100hz

 Pulse duration:   1000us-1700us    50s-1700us

 Memory setting :   10user-defined

Aiming beam Adjustable intensity: 5mw (650nm)

 Delivery system : Articulated arm with 7 joint 

System cooling : Self contained closed cycle

Electrical : 5A 220V AC 60HZ

Weight:   40KG

Demension : 425(D)×520(W)×1210(H)mm

Payment Terms︰ Bank Transfer(TT) or Western Union

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